My name is Natalie.
I'm an INFJ. I love reading, writing, acting, maps, Ernest Hemingway, pirates, Irish accents, history, Woody Allen, the color blue, J.K. Rowling, eating, Shakespeare, poetry, Tolkien, dreaming, John Green, rings, Tarantino, The Beatles, Mexican food, and commas.

And probably a plethora of other things that you wouldn't give a rat's ass about.

Welcome to my blog.
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Henry Hargreaves + Caitlin Levin - FOOD MAPS | United Kindom & Irelandtypography by Sarit Melmed


This has been Cats Wearing Sweaters.  You’re welcome.


forgive me father for i have sin-ed.. and cos-ed.. and tan-ed.. hahaha also i killed my trigonometry teacher

Tina Fey on the Sunday Times Style UK cover, March 2014.

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"I know exactly what I would do with immortality: I would read every book in the library."

-Mark Jason Dominus (via creatingaquietmind)

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Now showing in 3D


Harry Potter Books Jewelry Box

This set of Harry Potter books has been repurposed into an eleven-drawer jewelry box. A great addition to your bookshelf, this jewelry box would be easily overlooked by thieves and invaders. Sold on Etsy.